Your in-class presentations

Two of you have now done in-class presentations on websites that you think are worth sharing and that are useful to your beat. Before I can grade you, you need to write a blog post that parallels your presentation. Since all of you will be doing a presentation before the end of the semester, please pay attention to these guidelines.

Obviously I want you to write about the site you discussed and link to it. Tell us what you like about it and what you think could be improved. Explain how the site engages with its community, and whether it could do a better job of that. And reference a couple of competing sites, discussing briefly how they are different from or similar to the one you’re highlighting.

Your post should come in around 250 to 350 words, like most of what we write.

I’m not setting a hard-and-fast rule for when you should write your post, but ideally it should be within a day or two of your presentation. I will not go looking for it. Send me an email telling me you’ve done it.

Thank you.


About Dan Kennedy

I am an associate professor of journalism at Northeastern University, and I'm using for my blog, Media Nation, as well as class websites.
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